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From: Stu McLaren
RE:  Unique Business Ideas

Dear friend,

Admit it...

How many times have you read the newspaper or seen a TV story about some unusual business and thought to yourself...

"I Could Do That"

... or even worse...



This can be SO frustrating and if you're like me, that's happened quite a few times. You've seen or heard about someone doing exactly what you intended to do...

Maybe you've been kicking yourself that it should have been you - not them - raking in loads of cash and getting famous.

Well I've got good news.

There has never been a better time to start your own business and in fact, more people are realizing their entrepreneurial dreams than ever before - largely thanks to the internet.

The best part is, some people are making money in the most unusual way.  These businesses are really "off the wall" and some make you stop and ponder how they are really able to do it.

But, it just goes to show, anything is possible :)

Consider this:

Just One Great Idea Could Change Your Life!
So Take Your Pick From 227

It's true that you only need one good idea to make your fortune.

The Pet Rock is one of the most successful "Unusual" business ideas of all time.  Over a million sold in just a few months after it's release!

Consider Californian salesman Gary Dahl who, in 1975, came up with the idea for a Pet Rock, then took the idea a step further and decided to market a book giving instructions on how to care for the Pet Rock.

The fad for Pet Rocks spread like wildfire to the rest of the country. Here was a pet that took no care and still gave its owner a few moments of pleasure.

Unbelievably, a million rocks sold for $3.95 apiece in just a few months, and Gary Dahl - who decided from the beginning to make at least one dollar from every rock - had become an instant millionaire.

Now, stories like Gary's really ARE one-in-a-million. But there's no reason why one good idea couldn't truly change your life - for the better!

So, why not use other people's ideas to help you come up with a winner all your own?

There's no point regretting missed opportunities or "what-might-have-beens" any longer, because today you can now get your hands on a fantastic new resource bursting with sensational business ideas.  It's called:

This "Business Brainstorming Bible" is jammed packed with creative money making business ideas that have been proven to work for other entrepreneurs willing to take a chance on their concepts.

Yes, that's right, I've collected 227 Unusual Business Ideas together in an innovative, informative and exciting new resource to make it easy for you!

These ideas will amaze you... especially since they turned a profit!

Read These Crazy Business Ideas Today!

Here's A Sneak Peek At Some Of
The Other Stories You'll Find Inside
"227 Unusual Business Ideas"...

A New Hampshire entrepreneur lit up his bank balance with his glow-in-the-dark golf ball (page 120).
A Los Angeles-based company saw sales skyrocket after launching a line of "feng shui" dog toys (page 123).
A UK company in launched an ice cream flavored with a famous beer and they're now doing "beery nicely" indeed (page 38).
A Dutch designer turned coffin-buying into a seriously practical exercise with a range of bookcases that convert into burial boxes after the owner's death (page 86).
A car wash manufacturer started Britain's first horse wash with "equi-wash" - a gadget similar to the car wash sprays found on gas-station forecourts (page 87).
A German entrepreneur carved out a new business selling engraved toothpicks as souvenirs for decoration or advertising (page 11).


You Bet I Recommend This Resource

"You bet I recommend this remarkable resource.

You know, it's a fact that pretty often the ideas that are truly innovative are a little offbeat or unusual - but they're frequently the very ideas that are wildly successful.

This resource really is jam-packed with unusual ideas that have turned into success stories for the business people who have had the courage to put their ideas into action.

I trust you'll enjoy reading these examples of entrepreneurship with a twist, and I hope that they inspire you in your own business endeavors.

I also encourage you to sign up for "227 Unusual Business Ideas" right away!"

Yanik Silver

Some of these ideas are strange...

In fact, some are even startling... (OK, maybe some are downright weird!)

Some are just surprisingly simple...

But all of the ideas in "227 Unusual Business Ideas" are designed to get your own brain cells revving! See, I believe ideas inspire more ideas.

That is, the more ideas you have, the more you seem to get. It's that simple!

Whenever you drop ideas and inspiration into the cauldron of your imagination, more ideas start bubbling to the surface. Ideas truly do inspire more ideas.

The Way To Get Good Ideas
Is To Get Lots Of Ideas and Throw The Bad Ones Away.

- Dr. Linus Pauling -

Dr Pauling should know. As a great scientist and humanitarian, he's the only person ever to receive two unshared Nobel Prizes - for Chemistry in 1954 and for Peace in 1962.

The best part about brainstorming is...

You Don't Have To Come Up With A
Business Idea All On Your Own!

And if you've ALREADY GOT AN IDEA, then this fun series of business ideas will help you improve, expand and refine it.

Very simply...

"227 Unusual Business Ideas" is designed to help you multiply your own individual brainpower by using other people's wild business ideas as a kickstart to stimulate ideas of your own.

And "227 Unusual Business Ideas" comes with a specially-developed "How To" brainstorming guide. The companion manual is called the:

Create an Avalanche of Brilliant Business Ideas In Under 2 Hours Using 3 Super-Simple Steps That Will Turn You Into A Brainstorming Powerhouse

This How To guide shows you PRECISELY how to use other people's ideas to stimulate your own imagination.

No longer will you be stuck for great business ideas because this powerful brainstorming guide will put you on the fast track to generating TONS of new business ideas.

It's easy to use and you'll be able to get started right away. 

Once you learn the strategies contained in this guide, you'll be able to apply them to all kinds of areas in your life beyond just generating business ideas.  Your loved ones will LOVE your new found creativity!

Claim Your Copy of The Brainstorming Guide

I know you'll love the Brainstorming Guide just like so many of previous readers.  Take a look at what others had to say...



I really appreciated the way the book gave a "kick in the pants" to make sure you were applying the ideas given. Additionally, this wasn't just filled with nice sounding feel-good motivational talk, but clear, precise methods to get my mind working in an efficient manner to get ideas. Thanks!

Ozark, MO


I've led many 'brainstorming' sessions and frankly, they haven't always been fruitful. However, the material you sent me makes me feel far more positive about future sessions.

Bill Fraser

To take this a step further, here are a couple real world examples of how ideas from completely different industries spurred innovation in others...

  • The biggest breakthrough for fast-food restaurants came from a bank. The drive-through window is just like a bank teller's window that opens outside. Perfect for picking up fast-food from your car.

  • Slot machines date back to 100BC. They were used for dispensing holy water.

  • Kleenex tissues were originally designed as make-up removers, until customers pointed out they were also ideal for nose-blowing.

  • Did you know that one of the 'necessities' of modern life - the roll-on deodorant - was inspired by ballpoint pens?

  • And who would have guessed that the whole science of fiber optics came about because of aerospace research, not because of the telecommunications companies which now use the technology daily.

Ideas are the lifeblood of any business, whether you're running a small home-based business or a large multi-national. Entrepreneurs are always on the lookout new business ideas.

When you borrow ideas, successful processes and unique selling points from other industries, you're simply doing what great thinkers have always done.

You're broadening your mind, making yourself more receptive to new ideas and inputs. Looking, listening and thinking about a broad range of industries and businesses opens your mind to new possibilities for your own business.

I Show You EXACTLY How To Come Up With Your Own Million Dollar Idea!

When you read my "How To" guide, you'll know exactly how to use "227 Unusual Business Ideas" - the business brainstorming bible - to come up with unusual, effective and profitable business ideas of your own.

If you're like most people, then you'll probably have an innate fear that you won't be able to:

  • Come up with a great business idea or

  • Get started on a business idea of your own or

  • Be successful with your own business idea or

  • Any combination of the above!

In fact, surveys show that the Number 1 dilemma for people who want to be in business is "lack of ideas" and then where to start once they have an idea...

But look through "227 Unusual Business Ideas" and I guarantee you'll be inspired.

You'll be left with the feeling that there is just no reason why you can't be realizing the potential of your own ideas. You know, if some of these wild and unusual businesses are making money for their owners, then there's no reason your idea won't be successful too.

I Already Thought Of Several Business Ideas

"Having read 227 Unusual Business Ideas I think it's a great resource for people looking for a niche business.

It's a great mind-jogger. I have thought of several business ideas from just my first reading."

Peter Woodhead
United Kingdom

Whether you want to make a few extra bucks a week or a few thousand... or whether you want to make hundreds of thousands and retire to the South Pacific...

"227 Unusual Business Ideas" is the resource that will inspire you to go from "would-be entrepreneur" to actually taking action and making your entrepreneurial dreams happen!

It's the book to inspire you to get cracking on your own unusual money-making business, and a resource to help you learn from other entrepreneurs.

This exciting collection is overflowing with stories of real people all over the planet developing daring, innovative and unique business ideas (and you can do the exact same thing).

Why don't you take a look at a few more almost unbelievable examples? And believe us when we say these are the only the tip of the iceberg!

You'll uncover the fascinating story of the teenage sisters who started a nail varnish business that has polished off their competition...
And learn about the businessman who has a successful website selling wadded up paper as "origami boulders"...
You'll be astonished by the Salt Lake City business turning a profit by mummifying dead pets...
And by a man in living in small town northeastern USA who makes a living from a website selling his own original cartoons...
And you'll be amazed by Grow a Frog - an online business that has been selling pet tadpoles for more than 20 years... 

The Thing These Businesses Have In Common Is That They Are ALL Making Money... Now It's Your Turn

Why do you think I've gone to the trouble of gathering all these different business ideas together in a book?

Well quite honestly, these weird and unusual stories grabbed my attention because I'm just like you.

227 UBI author Stu McLaren has realized his entrepreneurial dreams.  You can too after  reading 227 Unusual Business Ideas!

My name is Stu McLaren and I'm just an ordinary guy who had a few good ideas... and yep, I too was disappointed when I spotted strangers making money with similar ideas just months after my brainwaves hit.

I live in a small town south of Toronto, Ontario Canada and what fascinated me the most about the businesses featured in 227 Unusual Business Ideas is that the majority of them could be started virtually anywhere in the world... including my small town of Port Dover!

I'm an energetic, entrepreneurial person who has been involved in all kinds of unique businesses before I came up with the idea to publish a resource packed full of unusual business ideas!

I've done some weird and wacky jobs and been involved in businesses that people told me would never work (they did though... and now you'll get to benefit from that experience).

At the start my inspiration was the classic book from 1946 - long out of print - called... "Discovered! 505 Odd Enterprises" by George Haylings. (In fact, when you buy "227 Unusual Business Ideas" you'll get a free copy of the original book that actually helped spark some of the ideas in this manual.)

"227 Unusual Business Ideas" is already helping business people all over the world benefit from the experience and actions of successful entrepreneurs...

Awesome Resource For Any Entrepreneur

"What an incredible read! This just goes to show that any business idea can somehow be reality:)

This is an awesome resource for any entrepreneur that may be looking to swipe or create their own unusual business idea, or for anyone just curious to learn about some of the crazy ways that people are making big money.

After reading the book and checking out many of the websites you mentioned, I've gotta tell you that I was surely smiling:)

Not only have you created a valuable entrepreneurial tool. It's also loads of fun!"

Thanks for that...
Larry Brown
Atlanta, GA

Download 227 Unusual Business Ideas Today!

Jam-Packed With All Sorts of Wonderful and Weird Business Ideas

"You have simply produced a remarkable resource that is jam-packed with all sorts of wonderful and weird business ideas. The wacky ideas you've revealed quite simply will motivate and inspire individuals to get their own business established and off to a great start.

Having reviewed so many other products, books and ideas, this has truly been the most refreshing read of them all.  Simply put, "227 Unusual Business Ideas" should light a fire in your belly!

If someone is truly serious about owning and establishing their own business, this resource can seriously get them moving in the right direction if they are finding it hard to decide what to do.

My advice to interested individuals . . . If you have an idea and you know that people could benefit from it - don't hesitate - Take ACTION NOW or someone else will take the idea from you . This book will truly inspire you to think of an idea you feel could benefit others and ultimately put you into business.

I look forward to reading more of your work in the future!

Yours in Success,

Eric V. Van Der Hope
President, Foundation of Success

Don't you believe there are too many ordinary, boring "ho-hum" businesses out there already?

Are You Attracted To The Odd...

...The Interesting...

...and The Unusual...???

Those are the kind of ideas featured in "227 Unusual Business Ideas".

With any unusual money-maker you're going to get more publicity and more customer interest (and let's face it that means more money) just because you're offering something that's a little bit different!

So Do You Have A Million Dollar Idea?
I Bet You Do!

Maybe you're already sitting on a great idea, only you're not 110% sure it's a guaranteed winner.

Compare it to the ideas in this book and you'll find out, once and for all.

Most likely, you'll actually be inspired to take your idea just that little bit further... really push out the boat and turn it into a surefire winner!

These ideas PROVE that if you take the plunge and believe in yourself, ANY idea can work. You'll read some of this and think:

"If They Can Do It, SO CAN I!"

(You know, even if you don't currently have a brainwave of your very own, you're sure to get an explosion of ideas from these crazy, unusual, strange, and unique business ideas.)

All of the stories in "227 Unusual Business Ideas" are true, real-life success stories from people who have taken a chance on success and established their very own businesses...

Just Like You Can!

And just like you, all the people in "227 Unusual Business Ideas" are ordinary, everyday people who had a good idea and turned it into a business with a difference.

Some Of Them Literally Dreamed
Up Their Ideas Out Of Thin Air...

Like ex-lawyer Barry Levenson...

He loves mustard so much that he's opened a museum in honor of the zesty condiment. The museum features 3,400 different kinds of mustard and a collection of mustard-related art, bottles and other paraphernalia.

Some of them noticed a problem and thought up a solution...

Like air-traveler Mike Lin...

Who says he was inspired to create a leak-proof portable urinal when he was on a small plane and needed to answer nature's call.

And some of them were inspired by reading books about other people's successes... books just like "227 Unusual Business Ideas". We're already we're getting rave reviews:

I Didn't Believe These Ideas Could Be True!

"When I first heard about some of the businesses in your new manual, I simply didn't believe they could be true -- but you've got 227 wild and crazy ideas to prove me wrong!

How you researched these businesses, I'll never know. But I do know one thing: the value of a good idea.

Having worked online for 6+ years, I've come across (and tried) many different ideas. In reality though, it only takes ONE creative idea to take someone from the outhouse to the penthouse.

So with your new resource, I think anyone can start thinking outside of the box and get the creative juices flowing like never before.

Thank you for this great, fun manual - job well done!

Chris Zavadowski
Centreville, VA

P.S. - My favorite idea definitely has to be #161!"

I Felt Inspired By Many Of The Ideas

"I've finished reading your 227 Unusual Business Ideas. I was very impressed with the research you did to come up with so many unique ideas.

They're both thought provoking and entertaining. I felt inspired by many of the ideas to work on some variations as new business ventures.

One cannot help but come away with a multitude of thought provoking business ventures after reading the creative concepts that people have used and profited from. I especially liked the Quiz Database.

There are many possibilities to use the concepts presented here to create numerous databases on many subjects."

Michael Wolf, Ph.D

Think of This Book As A
Creative "Kick In The Butt"

You're looking for a great business idea, right?

So think of this book as a whack on the side of your head! It'll get the creative juices flowing... and the motivation mounting.

You know, even if you already have your own business, the ideas in this first-rate "idea igniter" will inspire you further or enhance the way you look at that business.

Like I said before, when you put more ideas into your head, more ideas start rushing out! Ideas from other businesses (not to mention other countries and cultures) actually inspire you to look at things differently.

After reading "227 Unusual Business Ideas" you'll be:

  • Amazed

  • Enthralled

  • Rolling Around Laughing (some of these ideas are definitely "out there")

But this book is a lot more than an entertaining read. I think you'll also be:

  • Inspired

  • Encouraged

  • Brimming with Brilliant Ideas of Your own

You'll be comparing your own idea to all the whacky ideas in the book and getting yourself all fired up about the possibilities ahead. You'll be dreaming up ways to copy these ideas or (even better) you'll be thinking about how you can improve on them.

As soon as you take your first look at "227 Unusual Business Ideas" you'll realize that nothing like this has ever been offered anywhere, by anyone before.

Does This Sound Like You?

CHALLENGE:  You're Caught In A JOB

INSPIRATION:  Unusual Business Idea #184

You're not sure how to make the break from the security of employment.


Perhaps when you read about the Ohio State aeronautical engineer who traded his six-year career for one selling Christmas trees, you'll figure out how to take the big step towards self-employment.

Start Your Business Today

CHALLENGE:  You Don't Have Any Business Ideas

INSPIRATION:  Unusual Business Idea #145

Maybe you haven't got any idea what sort of business you'd like to operate.

No problem.

Would you believe that sometimes even a sad and traumatic event can lead to a bright idea?

Angel Sleeping Pet Caskets was started by a special couple who started making pet caskets after the owners' sister-in-law lost her beloved dog.

The pair is now dedicated to helping those who have lost a loving companion, offering quality pet caskets and cremation urns.

Get More Business Ideas Here

CHALLENGE:  Too Many Commitments

INSPIRATION:  Unusual Business Idea #91

Maybe you've got commitments each week that don't let you walk away from that 9-5 job. EASY.  

Could you set up a part-time business that will allow you to stay with the secure option, until it's really thriving?

Who would have guessed a sideline in Protein Bars would eventually lead to a $100-million dollar business for Canadian marathon runner, Brian Maxwell and his wife Jennifer?

Build A Part-Time Business Today

You owe it to yourself to take a chance on your ideas and 227 Unusual Business Ideas will give you more inspiration, energy and ideas to help you make it happen.

After all, I can say with 100% confidence that most of the entrepreneurs featured in this guide had no idea they would be running the business that they are.

But that's the great thing about becoming an entrepreneur.

You're in charge.

You control what happens.

All you have to do is have the courage to take action!

A Great Deal Just Got Better...
Now You Can Also Get 4 Extra Bonuses


The Business Brainstorming Guide

This step-by-step guide will get your creative juices flowing in directions you've never experienced.

Whether you are looking for a new business idea or ideas to improve your current business, this brainstorming guide will help you do that.

Best of all, it's designed to help you generate ideas at home by yourself, in a group setting or even while your out walking the dog!

Start Brainstorming With This Guide

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Written by two of the world's most successful online marketers, Jim Edwards and David Garfinkle provide a detailed blueprint for making money online without spending money to do it.

Immediate Money Immediately shows how to systemize 11 basic techniques that you can put on automatic pilot so your sites continue to reap profits for you, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year.

In this excellent resource you'll see a case study where one Internet entrepreneur increased her profits 77% - without increasing traffic to her website by one single visitor, or spending another dime on anything else!

It's currently being sold for $19, but I've arranged for you to receive it free when you purchase "227 Unusual Business Ideas".

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Discovered!  505 Odd Enterprises

Available here for the first time in many, many years, this outstanding book was written by well-known entrepreneur, George Haylings, who published a business ideas newsletter in the 1950s and 1960s.

This is the book I mentioned earlier which was my original inspiration for "227 Unusual Business Ideas".

It's hard for me to put a true value on this long out-of-print book because significant money was spent in order to get the only original copy of this precious old volume. It's still perfectly readable but it's very fragile, and it's yellowed and crumbling at the edges.

From there hours (and I literally mean many, many hours) were spent carefully retyping and proofing the whole manuscript direct from the original copy.  If I passed on the cost of all those hours, then a conservative estimate of the value of this book would be around $950!

This George Haylings' classic is literally crammed with over dozens and dozens of weird and wonderfully unusual business ideas! They'll inspire and excite you as you think about your own business endeavors.

Get An Exclusive Copy of "Discovered: 505 Odd Enterprises"

All three of these bonuses are included with the 227 Unusual Business Ideas package at no extra cost.

Now after seeing all those great bonuses, I know what you are thinking...

How Much Is This Package Going To Be?

Initially this was really hard for me to decide how to price this.

The reason is simple.

For serious entrepreneurs, any one idea has the real-world potential to quickly turn into thousands of dollars (if not more).

Ideas can be extremely valuable and this entire package is loaded with proven money making business ideas.

But that's why the "entrepreneur" in me decided to do something I think you'll love...

I know that starting a business is no easy task (especially when you are bootstrapping it in the beginning).

That's why I wanted to make this a "no brainer".

Therefore I decided to price the entire 227 Unusual Business Ideas package, (including all 3 bonuses) at a price that may surprise you...

Order Your Copy Today!

Not only is this package a fabulous price but we've also taken it yet another step further to make this a "I gotta have it" decision.

I'm so confident that you'll enjoy (and profit) from all the ideas shared in each of these books that I'm more than willing to guarantee your satisfaction.

I Personally Guarantee
You'll Love It
(or I'll buy it back from you)

You have 60 days to examine everything.

Use what you wish, and if for any reason you want a full refund, then just let me know within the first 60 days and you'll get your money back immediately.

NO questions asked.

You don't need a note from your mother. You don't need a 'my dog ate my homework story'.

No hassle. No 'fine print'.

Simple and straightforward; either you're thrilled with "227 Unusual Business Ideas" or you get a full refund.

You should know that I'm devoted to the goal of only having satisfied customers. So, if you're not going to profit from having this resource, I really would prefer to buy it back.

With a guarantee like this I know some people will intentionally abuse it.

However, I also know that with a strong guarantee more people will have the comfort in knowing that I stand behind my products - therefore there is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So go ahead and order your copy today and within a few short minutes you'll be able to start digging through all these wild and crazy business ideas.

227 Unusual Business Ideas
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I realize that once my order is accepted I will get instant access to:

I understand that my investment includes a copy of 227 Unusual Business Ideas.
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  1. The Business Brainstorming Guide
  2. Immediate Money Immediately
  3. Discovered: 505 Odd Enterprises
I understand that I'll receive immediate access to the secure members area where I'll be able to instantly download all the components of the 227 Unusual Business Ideas package.
I understand that if, by the end of the 60 days of devouring each book, I'm not completely convinced of the value of the 227 Unusual Business Ideas package, I can ask for a 100% hassle-free refund of my purchase price, and you'll promptly write me a refund check or credit my charge card.

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I know you'll love this entrepreneurial package and I look forward to hearing about your success story for the next volume of 227 Unusual Business Ideas.

It's going to be a thrill watching your ideas become reality!
All the best.
Take care,

Stu McLaren
Author of 227 Unusual Business Ideas

P.S  Don't forget, the 277 Unusual Business Ideas package includes all four bonuses ($163 value) plus it's guaranteed for a full 60 days.  So place your order today and you'll quickly realize that even the strangest ideas can turn a profit.

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